Christmas Families

Meghan Seitz and Kaylee Moyer

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Each year, every homeroom from Freshman to Seniors, and now seventh/eighth graders, receives a family in need to help. The homerooms can get a family of two to five or more people. The families ask for generic things like laundry detergent, canned food items, and gift cards.  If they have younger children, they might ask for more specific things like clothes or toys. When asked about his thoughts on this service project, Braden Rosemas, said that his favorite part is being able to serve others. The aspect of making sure these families can have Christmas is the most beneficial part of what we do, added Rosemas. Braden, along with the rest of the McCort family believes that this honors the true reason for Christmas. Braden’s final remarks were this, “This is what we do as a Catholic based school: we help those in need.” The Bishop McCort family continues to gather gifts for their families, in hope for another successful Christmas for those in need.

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