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Maura Clark (’16)

This week, we reunited with Maura Clark, a graduate from the Bishop McCort class of 2016.

Clark graduated last year, leaving a legacy of both academic and extra-curricular achievement. During her time on Osborne Street, the Crusher was a regular on the school’s honor roll, despite rigorous coursework. Although Clark described it as the most challenging course she had taken at McCort, her favorite class was Mrs. Reaman’s Advanced Placement United States History study. ¬†However, her studies did not prevent her from pursuing a number of extra-curricular activities. In autumn, she dominated the tennis court as a member of the tennis team, and in the spring, she stole the show as a performer in the drama club’s annual musical. Meanwhile, she held office year-round as the senior class president.

Clark began at the University of Pittsburgh in the fall immediately following graduation. Though she entered “undecided,” the college freshman is now working towards a dual-degree in history and communications on the pre-law track. She already has plans to take her education abroad at the end of her freshman year through a month-long program held in Prague and Krakow. At the same time, Clark is adjusting to campus life, having joined one of Pitt’s Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

In the future, Clark plans to build upon her education. Upon completion of her undergraduate education, the young scholar plans to enroll in a graduate program for a law degree.

Clark has plenty of advice for current students. “Cherish those old textbooks you have to lug around all day. At least they are free. On the day you take your SAT’s, they’re going to ask you if you want to send your scores for free to your prospective colleges. Do it. Every college that you apply to is going to ask for all of your scores, so you’re going to have to send the horrible ones anyway – might as well do it for free. Be thankful for the uniforms. I miss them so much. Spend as much time with your friends as possible, and take lots of pictures.”

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