Mr. Cooper (’12) Returns to McCort

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Mr. Cooper (’12) Returns to McCort

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Why did you decide to become a teacher?

  • Mr. Cooper said he pictured himself doing something like this while he was in high school and throughout college. Mr. Cooper says that he loves helping kids out and seeing them learn something that he taught them. He enjoys seeing kids achieving their goals and accomplishing things.

What do you like best about teaching?

  • Mr. Cooper said that he likes seeing kids think and figure things out on their own. He also likes that some kids show interest and want to learn something in his class. Mr. Cooper says that he wants to become a better teacher as time goes on. He wants the motivation from his students to become a better teacher.

What do you do on your free time?

  • Mr. Cooper coached a baseball team in the summer called Martellas. He also is going to be running parochial basketball this year. Mr. Cooper is in the bach center every day after school to give students opportunities to work out. Mr. Cooper plans on going further with a career, he is studying for medical school.

Is subbing different from being a real teacher?

  • Mr. Cooper says when he was a sub he did not have to follow lesson plans and was told by the teacher what to do with the students. Now he is fully responsible for his students and gets to follow his own lesson plans. Mr. Cooper is able to go around his schedule and do what he wants in his classroom. He gets to face all of the challenges a teacher goes through now.

What is a typical day like for a teacher?

  • Mr. Cooper says that a science teacher is different from other classes. H says it varies for his class because he does labs on some days and notes on other days. Mr. Cooper first talks about the lesson, and then he makes kids take notes. After they take notes he gives them a worksheet on the lesson. Mr. Cooper says he likes when kids ask questions because he knows they are interested in it and knows he can help kids out. He also does labs on the lessons he is teaching so they have a better understanding.

Do you enjoy teaching at McCort?

  • Mr. Cooper is an alumnus, so he kinda understands what it is like to be us. He says he tries to put himself in our shoes and try to understand what we are going through. Mr. Cooper says that he knows that some days are harder than others but he says he will help his student out. He says this is all worth the commitment that he has put in and will put in. He enjoys watching the kids interact with other kids and be kind to one another.

Are you looking forward to anything with this job?

  • Mr. Cooper says that he is looking forward to coaching football and get involved with many things. He wants to watch the students grow to likes his class and not dread coming every day. He wants to get better for his students and become a better teacher.








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