Meet Mr. Wiegand

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Meet Mr. Wiegand

Noah Maslo

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As many of you probably know Mr. Koontz has been away fulfilling his duty to the army reserves. In his absence, we have been given a truly wonderful substitute by the name of Mr. Wiegand. Mr. Wiegand is a graduate of Bishop McCort and a former OMOS Teacher. He graduated the University of Pitt in 2006.


Here is a Quick Q&A with Mr. Wiegand.

NM: Where did you go to college and what year did you graduate?

Mr. W: I went to the University of Pitt and graduated in 2006.

NM: Do you like being a history teacher?

Mr. W: I love it.

NM: What’s your favorite thing about being a teacher?

Mr. W: My favorite part about being a teacher is getting to talk to students every day.

NM: What’s something you like to do in your free time?

Mr. W: I like to read when I can and play video games.

NM: What are some of the different things you have noticed at McCort from when you went here?

Mr. W: There is a lot more technology incorporated in learning here. The layout of the classrooms are a lot different, and the staff is almost entirely different.

NM: What’s your favorite thing about McCort?

Mr. W: My favorite thing is how welcoming the teachers, staff, and students make you feel welcome.

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