Moodle at McCort

Taylor George and Taylor Kmecak

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This year at Bishop McCort Catholic High School we have a new program that all students use which is called “Moodle.” The program consists of teachers in each class putting their assignments and daily lessons on the site for the students in their class to be able to go and check up on their assignments and lessons. Its very helpful to us, the students, because colleges use these types of programs so its an early start for us high schoolers to get familiar with the site. Mr.Cotchen is the new Assistant principal and he is the person who introduced “Moodle” to all of us with support of Mr.Fleming the principal.

Taylor Kmecak and Taylor George got the opportunity to interview Mr.Cotchen on Moodle.

Q. How do you feel about Moodle being offered to the McCort students?

A. I am ecstatic because it gives students the opportunity to collaborate and prepare for post-secondary institutions.

Q. What made you want to introduce Moodle to the McCort students?

A. It gives the opportunity to continue learning even outside the classroom and it will help prepare for programs like Moodle in college, such as Blackboard.

In previous years at McCort we used the site “Ebackpack” which was similar to Moodle but harder to get around on. The set up of Ebackpack is still the same as Moodle, but since Moodle is similar to college professors lesson plans online its easier for us to get use to how the site works.

Overall, Moodle is going to be a great help with not just the teachers organizational skills but the students as well.

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