Interview With Mr. Hancherick

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Interview With Mr. Hancherick

Andrea Flynn, Writer

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Mr. H is new at BMHS. He is the chemistry teacher for grades 10-12. He teaches chemistry 1, honors molecular chemistry, and AP chemistry. Here are some questions asked to Mr. H:

Q: What was your job before teaching at McCort?

A: Before this year, I worked at Snyders Berlin Company. Prior to Snyder’s, I worked at a Pharmacy in Philadelphia.

Q: What made you decide to teach?

A: About 4 years ago, I was asked to teach at CCD. I automatically loved the atmosphere and feel in love with it.

Q: Do you like to teach?

A: I love it! I love learning things and teaching things on a deeper line. I always go back to the quote, “You never know something until you learn it”.

Q: Do you like McCort?

A: Absolutely! This school has a great atmosphere. Everyone is so positive and have smiling faces. It is nice that everyone greets me and makes me feel welcome.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I love to exercise, read, and play guitar. My absolute favorite thing to do though is to travel. My goal is to travel all 50 states before I am 50 years old. As of now I am 33/50


We’d like to thank Mr. H for taking time to answer some questions! The crusher family is happy he is here!!

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