Homecoming Week at Bishop McCort

Phil Russo, Journalist

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Each year homecoming is a big spirit week for every school, but here at McCort, we take spirit week to an entirely different level. We start out the week with pajama day, the students and staff get to come to school in their comfy Pj’s. Tuesday is decade day. Each grade is given a different decade and the students have to try to replicate the style of the decade given. Wednesday is twin day. Twin day is where students usually pick out a matching outfit with their best friends. Thursday is character day. Students get to come to school dressed as a public figure, but most students dress up as movie characters/actors. Friday is extreme red and gold. The day where the students get to come dressed in McCort’s school colors from head to toe. There’s a pep-rally and all of the students’ fight for the golden “M.” The grade with the most school spirit will win it. The homecoming football game this year is on Friday, September 29, at the Point Stadium against the Richland Rams. Kick-off is at 7 PM.

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