PSAT Testing

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Alexis Tavalsky

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PSAT Testing

Next week the students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade will be taking the PSAT’s. The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test is a timed test given to students across the country to help prepare them for the real SAT’s. It takes approximately two hours and forty-five minutes to take. It also teaches students how to take the actual test that truly counts when attempting to get into college. It has a Math, Reading, and Writing section, just like the normal SAT’s. Students may also qualify for the National Merit Scholarship by taking this preparatory test. To prepare to take, the students are given a practice book to study.

Alexis Tavalsky and Zaondra Zasadni have taken the PSAT’s in previous years. They both said that taking the PSAT’s helped them tremendously in preparation for the real test. Alexis said, “The PSAT’s take a long time and are difficult, but in the end, they are ultimately worth it.” By taking this test, they both did well on their SAT. They both highly recommend taking these helpful tests.

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