Powder Puff Battle

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Powder Puff Battle

Karagin Furfari and Savannah Price

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This past weekend the juniors and seniors battled for the powder puff trophy. The event raised awareness and funds to help the fight against breast cancer. Here are some questions we asked people after the powder puff game.

Q: What were your practices like and what did you focus on?

A: I think we had a lot of productive practices and we really focused on making a lot of offensive and defensive plays and took everything very seriously. -Junior Marissa Darcangelo

Q: How did you feel out there on the field during the game was it intense?

A: Once i was out on the field it was a different feeling than practice i was a little nervous running the plays with the seniors defending us it was a lot more intense than i was expecting. -Junior Savannah Price

Q: If you could would you play in a powder puff game again if so why?

A: yes i would because its a cool experience to play a sport that girls usually don’t play and it was for a good cause. -Senior Autumn Martin

Q: How does it make you feel knowing that this event helps the fight against breast cancer?

A: Events that raise money for breast cancer really hits home because my freshman year of high school my aunt had breast cancer i am overwhelmed with joy at the fact that my piers find it just as important as i do to raise money for this cause. -Senior Sierra Harper

Q: What made you want to take the lead in organizing the event?

A: Everyone was talking about how they wanted to play powder puff so I just did what the people wanted. -Senior Tori C.


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