Mr. Bako: Pittsburgh Half Marathon preparation

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Mr. Bako: Pittsburgh Half Marathon preparation

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Our favorite teacher, Mr. Bako, has decided to run a half marathon. The Pittsburgh Half Marathon will take place in May. It consists of 13.1 miles. Although some of you may know him as a legendary mini-golfer, extravagant teacher, and a motivated coach, he continues to amaze us every day with his endless skills! Zaondra and Lexi have set out to find out how Mr. Bako has decided to prepare for this challenge.

Q: Have you always been a runner?

A: I always did enjoy long distance running. I was on the football team in high school, and that involved a good amount of running. I was also apart of the Hundred Mile Club my junior and senior year of college at Robert Morris University.

Q: Have you always worked to eat healthy foods?

A: No, for the majority of my life, I have not.

Q: Do you think that eating McDonalds and Scott’s food will impact your preparation

A: I have severely cut down on eating at those places. When I do go there, I attempt to order salads. I attempt, but I don’t always succeed.

Q: Several sources have come forth, saying that you stock Twinkies in your desk. Is this information true?

A: No, this is not true. I only keep them in my lunchbox.

Q: How do you prepare for the race? How do you workout? How many times a week?

A: I try to run four times a week. I try to do two inside runs on the treadmill, as well as two outside runs.

Q: Who have you been working with in preparation?

A: Over the summer, I ran with Mr. Schultz, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Newcomer. I get support from John Bradley and Mr. Pfeil.

Q: Would you consider your work inspirational?

A: Yes, I would. Mr. Pfeil has already committed to running a half marathon.

Q: Will you celebrate the end of the race with two Burrito Supremes from Taco Bell?

A: No, I will get the Cravings Deal.

Mr. Bako’s desk was searched after the interview. A ton of candy was found, hidden in his desk.

As we can see, Mr. Bako still has room for improvement in his preparation tactics. We are here to support him through this process. Good luck Mr. Bako!

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