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Balancing School and Work Q&A

Savannah Price, Karagin Furfari

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This feature is a Q&A with BMCHS students who are tasked with balancing jobs and school.

Tanner, how do you manage your work schedule and get all of your schoolwork done?

“Well I work at Glow Golf in the mall and not much people come so I do some of my schoolwork at work during the free time”.

Alex, how many days do you work a week? Is it hard during the school year?

“I work 3-4 times a week it is not hard it is just very time consuming during the school year”.

Lexi, does it interfere with your schoolwork?

“No it does not because I only work during breaks and when we don’t have school”.

Autumn, does have a job and a lot of school work give you stress?

“Yes, because working and doing schoolwork is a lot to do with not a lot of time”.

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Balancing School and Work Q&A