Preparation for Breakfast with Santa

Lexi Tavalsky and Zaondra Zasadni

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The students of l’education en vogue work very hard to prepare for Breakfast with Santa. On December 9th, 2017, Bishop McCort will hold their annual Breakfast with Santa event. The event will be held in the Bach Student Union at 8:30-11:00am. Children three and under are free. Children three and above are $7.50. Adult tickets cost $15. In order to get all elements put together, the students formed specific committees. These committees include food, publicity, crafts, and many more.

The publicity committee works very hard to reach all local churches and newspapers to spread the word. They call local areas and ask for their information, so that we can inform them about this special event for the kids.

The art and crafts committee organizes fun activities for the children to do during their time here.

The cookie committee finds a cookie recipe, bakes the cookies, and cuts them into shapes. They do this so that the kids can get creative and decorate the cookies.

The food committee must serve everyone their delicious breakfast the morning of Breakfast with Santa.

If interested in attending this fun-filled event, please contact Bishop McCort at 814-536-8991!

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