Balancing Academics and Athletics

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Balancing Academics and Athletics

Autumn Martin, Andrea Flynn, and Sierra Harper

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Balancing school and sports is difficult yet rewarding at the same time. Being a student-athlete takes dedication and hard work. It will also help participants with time management skills. Bishop McCort’s student-athletes are able to interact with students from different grades and create bonds all throughout the school. It gives a sense of pride to students to not only represent the school on the academic side of things but also in athletics. Bishop McCort’s student-athletes strive to be the best in the four A’s- Academics, Arts, Athletics, and the Almighty. Additionally, Crusher student-athletes wear the “M” with pride on both school uniforms and athletic jerseys. Being a student-athlete at McCort requires one to reach high academic standards or risk suspension from athletics. Bishop McCort keeps its student-athletes in check both in the classroom and on the field, mat, or court. Being a student-athlete is challenging but 100% rewarding.

Shown below are what BMCHS student-athletes have to say about balancing both school and athletics:

Does it put a lot of stress on you while balancing both school and athletics?
“Yes, because all the school work you have to do puts a lot of stress on you with not much time” Senior Autumn Martin.

Even though it’s a lot of stress do you regret doing a sport while balancing athletics?
“No, the memories will last a lifetime and be busy is fun sometimes”
Senior Coryn Thomas Porter.

What’s your favorite thing about balancing both?
“I feel quite accomplished when I am getting good grades and working hard in my sport”
Junior Marissa Darcangelo.

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