Music Program applies for NBC Scholarship

Mattie Updyke, Writer

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After the devastating flood that swept the music wing last June, the music department needed a way to ascertain the funds to put on our spring production of Fiddler on the Roof and other improvements to our chorus, orchestra, and band. In January, a way to come up with the money for such performances was found-NBC’s R.I.S.E. America scholarship. Once it was agreed upon as a good method, plans were set into motion in order to create the application video. With only two weeks to put it together, students from the production crew ran around the school interviewing musical leads and filming the show’s first choreography rehearsal in order to arrange all the materials in time. Last Saturday, the application was turned in, and now the program is earnestly crossing its fingers.
What is this grant? NBC’s newest show, also named Rise, had inspired the company to set apart $500,000 for high school theater programs across the United States. Fifty schools will win, each being awarded ten thousand to help improve their programs. NBC partnered with the Educational Theater Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to artistically educate students throughout the country, with a focus in theater and production. R.I.S.E. (which stands for Recognizing and Inspiring Student Expression) is all about supporting educational theater programs, especially in schools where the budget has been cut for the performing arts. The winners will be announced in March and if we win, the grant will be applied this year.

It takes a lot of money to put on a musical production-costs increasing over $20,000! This does not include student costs like costumes, makeup, or props, and many aspects of performance are provided by the generosity of student families. This grant could possibly alleviate some of the financial rough pacts that putting on shows costs. The profit made from these shows does not even come close to covering the total spent, so it would be helpful to receive this grant. Cross your fingers!



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