The History of St. Valentines Day

Jared McIntosh, Writer

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The history of St. Valentine’s Day originates from long before the Saint himself. February has long been celebrated as a month of love and romance and comes from both ancient Christian and Roman traditions. The name actually comes from three different men named Valentine. The first Valentine served in third century Rome under the reign of emperor Claudius II. The emperor declared that the soldiers stayed single and outlawed the marriage of young men. Valentine saw this as an injustice and performed marriages in secret for the young men anyway, but he was discovered and sentenced to death. The other Valentine was killed for aiding the Christians in attempting to escape brutal Roman prisons. The final Valentine was a man in prison that sent letters to a girl he was in love with. Right before his death he sent a letter to the girl that was signed from your Valentine which is a term we still use today. Those men have a large part in the making of what finally became Saint Valentine’s Day.

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