Back-to-Back for Bako?

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Alayna Moore

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Back-to-Back for Bako?

At Bishop McCort “Penny Wars” is taken very seriously. What is Penny Wars? Penny Wars is a fundraiser created by the Mini Thon Committee to help raise money for the upcoming Mini Thon. The object of the fundraiser is to see which homeroom can collect the most pennies to raise the most money. Homerooms can better their chances of winning by adding silver coins to other homerooms penny jars.


We recently caught up with last year’s champion, Mr. Mike Bako:

You overcame a lot of adversity to take the win last year. How do you plan to go back-to-back?

“I have an enthusiastic homeroom that has accepted the challenge of living up to the legacy”

A lot of people are planning on sabotaging you. How do go about the haters?

**Looks at Mr.Schultz**  “Well, we take the high road and we do a good job of not only putting money in our jar but, also sabotaging other homerooms.”

Who is your biggest competition?

“There is no competition really but, Mr.Schultz and Dr.Luna “THINK” that they can contend.”

How much would this victory mean to you?

“The World.”

Any final remarks?

“Remember, it’s For the Kids.”


We would like to thank Mr.Bako for taking time out of his day to sit down with us, and we wish him and all homerooms the best of luck!



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